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All Kids Should Learn To Code!

When should children start learning code?

Ivy Coding Camps Kids & TeensWe often get asked by parents when their children should start learning to code. Our reply is when children start to learn to speak!

Coding (also called computer programming) is the language that communicates with and controls an increasing array of items in our rapidly changing world; coding is the “new literacy” that every child should know to excel in the coming digital age.

As with any language, children as young as kindergarten age can begin to learn the basics of coding & computer programming. Learning the foundations of computer commands at an early age will provide a huge advantage in gaining an inherent understanding of how computers operate, and how they interface with virtually every aspect of our lives. Early education in coding & computer programming for kids & teens can mean the difference between the digital language being a first language vs a second language.


Best Coding Summer Camps Metro AtlantaBenefits of Learning Coding for Kids & Teens

  1. Connects the dots” of the world in which we live: There is very little we can do in today’s world without interfacing with a computer in some form. Whether it’s communication, social media, information access, banking, security, or shopping, computing is the underlying digital infrastructure that makes it all possible. Learning coding will help kids & teens to understand the world around us.
  2. Learning to code teaches how to think: One of the most important benefits of learning to code is the skill of problem-solving. Computer programming fosters new ways of thinking that children learn to apply in all aspect of their lives.
  3. Careers in Tech Industry: Jobs in the tech industry are some of the most in demand and highly paid careers. This trend is expected to increase as more of our world becomes intertwined with computers and code. Georgia, and North Fulton in particular, is becoming a leading tech center with more companies and tech start-ups making Alpharetta and surrounding areas their homes. Learning to code at an early age will allow those with an interest in computers to start building a foundation for tech leadership!
  4. Coding is the Fun Way of Learning!: The thing that makes coding such a powerful education tool in teaching our kids & teens is that coding is FUN! Many parents will remember the joy of building puzzles as a child and seeing the end result of their hard work. Coding is just as fun and engaging as they create their own games, animations, apps, or even websites. The amazement in their eyes as their lines of code “come alive” is simply priceless!


How to Introduce Your Kids & Teens To Code in Alpharetta / Johns Creek, Cumming, & Marietta, Ga.

How to find the right coding education camp for your child. Ivy Coding is the coding camp & computer programming workshops offered at Ivy Bridge Academy.

Ivy Bridge Academy has been offering Academic Excellence camps in the Metro Atlanta area for over 5 years, with a wide selection of after-school & summer academic camps at three convenient locations in Alpharetta / Johns Creek, Cumming, and Marietta, Ga.

Ivy Coding Camps are taught by experienced coding instructors and enthusiastic computer majors from Ga Tech. With individualized instructions designed to accommodate both beginning and advanced coders, Ivy Coding Camps for Kids & Teens is the choice for the future tech leaders!


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